Quodoushka 1

Quodoushka Level I (also known as the QI) is the doorway into a new understanding of your sexual energy. Teachings at this level guide you to awaken to your natural self, or to deepen the connection you’ve already established, supporting a healthy joyful expression of your sexuality unfettered by conditioning and shame. During the course of the workshop, you will learn from the shamanic wisdom of the Sundance Path about the energy laws that govern all of our experiences. You will come to recognise the merging of feminine and masculine energies as the source of all creation and inspiration, essential for your happiness, health and inner-growth, for raising the level of your energy and as a gateway to connection and spirit. You will gain understanding of how sexuality can even become your natural, blissful path towards enlightenment. Together, we will explore how our inner elemental balance determines the level of our orgasms and how our genital body-types influence our experience of pleasure. A variety of energy-sensitive exercises and alchemical ceremonies will enable you to encode these teachings as physical experiences in the body.

Place of Event:EX7 9PS Devon, UK, United Kingdom
Date22.08.2017 - 22.08.2017
FacilitatorBatty Gold & Rose Fink
Contact PersonKian de la Cour
Prerequisites None.

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