Quodoushka 2

Building on the work of Level I, Quodoushka II will take you deeply into an experience of realising what holds you back from the full expression of your love, clearing away your fears and blocks to intimacy and healing long-held resentments towards the opposite sex. Through this process you will find the freedom and openness to allowing a more deeply fulfilling sexual intimacy in your relationships. During the course of the workshop, we will explore how our conditioning and ancestry – as individuals, as men and women, and as members of Western society – shape the ways we perceive the world and each other, particularly members of the opposite sex. By understanding these influences, you will learn how to move consciously from inherited, dysfunctional ‘autopilot’ patterns of relating towards the healthy, loving, mutually honouring ways of relating that you truly long for. To help us better understand and relate to one another, we will learn about the differences between the desires and experiences of men and women, the various kinds of ‘love’ and how we can transform a co-dependent relationship into a co-empowering one. To support this process of transformation in your own relationship, you and your partner will, with ceremonial support, develop the contracts that are essential to creating a safe container that allows you both to flourish on your respective paths towards healing, inner freedom and true, open-hearted sexual union. In addition, you and your partner will engage in a series of powerful exercises and ceremonies designed to clear away the resentments and misunderstandings that may have undermined your relationship in the past, opening the gateways in your body, mind and heart for expressing the sexual passion and love you deserve. Through guided explorations you will discover heightened levels of presence with your partner that facilitate deeper connection, greater naturalness and potentially timeless states of orgasmic pleasure.

Place of Event:EX7 9PS Devon, UK, United Kingdom
Date27.08.2017 - 30.08.2017
FacilitatorBatty Gold & Rose Fink
Contact PersonKian de la Cour
Prerequisites Quodoushka 1

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