"Red Mist" Workshop for Women – The Alchemy of the Female Cycle

This workshop is essential for all women who have started their moon cycle, who are still bleeding and want to tap into and use the tremendous power and beauty of being a woman. Within our physical womb space lays the magic of renewal – giving death and birthing life – the key to the mystical power of the ‘Red Mist’. The teachings of the ‘Moon Kiva Lodge’ as taught by the Matriarchs of the ‘Twisted Hair’ allow us to step into a new and direct understanding of the blood- mysteries of our cyclic moon fl ow. This enables us to experience a level of connectedness with self, life and others mostly unknown in our culture. In understanding and honouring the gifts of our female body and it’s creative power we find the awareness to unlock our mystery. We are able to take responsibility and stand accountable for what and who we are… ‘A Woman of Power’.

Place of Event:79322 Raplamaa, Estonia
Date26.06.2019 - 30.06.2019
FacilitatorRose 'Thunder Eagle' Fink
Contact PersonHelen Star Cave
Prerequisites None required.

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