"Closing the Rose" Workshop for Women - Time of Changing Into Power

This empowering seminar is for women facing the ‘Great Change’ and for all those that are already in one of the ‘four faces of menopause’. The Matriarchs speak of this cycle as a most powerful opportunity to transform and discover our deepest innermost core, of gaining completion and maturation on all levels. We will learn and apply ways of letting go and healing and gain tools that support us in birthing ourselves with harmony and humour into Menopause and to ride and enjoy the ‘hot waves’ of trans-formation. They teach us to ‘bundle our life force’ in order to honour and harvest our life’s wisdom as well as the sexual knowledge that we have gained and earned through-out a long lifetime. This enables us to use these ‘treasures’ for the wellbeing of ourselves and for the next Seven Generations. This is a tremendous gift and a great challenge. The wisdom of the Elders supports us in this adventure of change and assists us to successfully journey to the ‘Woman of the Wise Blood’.

Place of Event:79322 Raplamaa, Estonia
Date03.07.2019 - 07.07.2019
FacilitatorRose 'Thunder Eagle' Fink
Contact PersonHelen Star Cave
Prerequisites None required.

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