European Sacred Law School 2018

European Sacred Law School - study of the 30 Sacred Laws. During our week together in this third year we will explore the South Sacred Laws: 1) The Third Universal Law- Do Nothing to Harm the Children 2) The Third Magickal Law of Absolute Non-Linearity 3) The Third Ecological Balance Law- The Law of Science­-Alchemical Transfer of Life through Death One of the most precious and wonderful aspects of Sacred Law School is that all levels of expertise and familiarity are welcome – everyone from first time toe-dippers and non-apprentices to advanced Sacred Pipe Carriers study and learn together. This makes a wonderful mix and some really interesting discussions and questions!

Place of Event:91605 Gallmersgarten - Dreamerslodge-Haus, Germany
Date18.05.2018 - 25.05.2018
FacilitatorClaudia “Sky Dancer” van Corva, Joerg “Crystal Sun Bear” van Corva
Contact PersonClaudia van corva

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